Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)

Author: Richelle Mead
Publisher: Razorbill
Release Date: August 16, 2007
Page Count: 332
Source: Bought
Originally Read: March 2011
Re-Read Between: November 12 - November 14, 2012
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Lissa Dragomir is a Moroi princess: a mortal vampire with a rare gift for harnessing the earth's magic. She must be protected at all times from Strigoi: the fiercest vampires - the ones who never die. The powerful blend of human and vampire blood that flows through Rose Hathaway, Lissa's best friend, makes her a Dhampir, Rose is dedicated to a dangerous life of protecting Lissa from the Strigoi, who are hell-bent on making Lissa one of them.

After years of freedom, Rose and Lissa are caught and dragged back to St. Vladimir's Academy, a school for vampire royalty and their guardians-to-be, hidden in the deep forests of Montana. But inside the iron gates, life is even more fraught with danger... and the Strigoi are always close by.

Rose and Lissa must navigate their dangerous world, confront the temptations of forbidden love, and never once let their guard down, lest the evil undead make Lissa one of them forever...

Opening Sentence: I felt her fear before I heard her screams.


What fun. I have been wanting to re-read this book for quite a while now and I am so glad that I got the chance to re-discover, Rose, Dimitri (Dimka) and the rest.

The 'Vampire Academy' series, that I originally read back in March 2011 has to this day remained one of my favorite series and worlds. I have grown so fond and attached to all these characters. They have come to be what I measure other characters by, well at least some of them. But at the same time, I couldn't help but notice some things that I must have either forgotten or ignored.

For one, Vampire Academy could have definitely benefited from another read through. There were a lot of grammatical errors and sometimes they got rather distracting. I would have to go back through a passage just to make sure that I had read it correctly.

Also, while I have always put Rose up for being one of the strongest, bad-ass heroines in YA, in Vampire Academy she's really not all that bad-ass. She gets her ass handed to here practically throughout this book. It isn't until later on in the series, that she really starts to kick some butty, so not having the "bad-ass" Rose was kind of a let down. & Dimitri, who is BY FAR my favorite character in this series, doesn't really have that many scenes in this first book. Yea, he's there for all the big ones, but I really really really REALLY wanted some more of my Dimka.

However, besides this few issues that I had, I still really enjoyed re-reading this book. & re-discovering these characters as well as the few things that I had forgotten about from when I originally read it. While I have the tendency to skim through parts of a book that I am re-reading, with Vampire Academy I read it from beginning to end with no skimming and now I can't wait to re-read Frost Bite and get another fix of my beloved Dimka.


Danielle Young said...

It is crazy, this book has been on my TBR pile for what feels like forever, and I am really starting to think that I need to move it up the pile. But it is so hard because there are so many awesome books out there!
Thanks for the review and reminding me that I need to get my read on with this book! :)

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