Thursday, January 17, 2013

Follow Friday (42)

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This is a blog hop for bloggers to get to know other bloggers, & to help some gain more of a following and support system for their blog. It looks like it should be a lot of fun. To join in, go to the host's page and follow the steps they have posted up there. =D

Some music is provided for you at the bottom. For you enjoyment. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Who is your favorite villain from a book?

Ohhh... Good question... and to be 100% honest. I would have to say that I honestly don't have a favorite villain. I think a lot of the times, I tend to see in black and white and I come to empathize with the main characters in a book. So if there is a character that is trying to harm them or do bad by them in even the smallest degree then I immediately write them off and see them in the same color and way that the main characters do and I come to hate them just like the main characters have.

If I would have to choice one, I would have to say all the dark wizards from Harry Potter just like Ms. Alison chose. But then again, I think I would choose them because I practically grew up with those characters. So in a way, even while I hate them for what they have done to a lot of the characters in Harry Potter, they have grown on me in such a way that I don't think I could ever truly hate them. If you know what I mean.

Who are your favorite villain's? Leave a comment below with your link and I will try my hardest to comment back <3.

Mean - Taylor Swift
I'm watching 'The Voice' right now on my laptop.
&& one of the singer's sung this. Thought it was appropriate for the topic.
Domo Arigato for visiting my blog <3.


Kat Salazar said...

Haha, I love the music video to go with this post, very appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Glad I came across it :)

New Follower :)

Many Thanks,
Co-Owner/Founder and Blogger of Lunar Haven

Escapism Fanatic said...

Dark Wizards from the Potter series is a good choice but there are so many villains that it is hard to chose.
New follower.
Also enter my Giveway for a signed copy of Dead Harvest.
My FF Escapism from Reality

Anonymous said...

Just hopping on thru...Happy Feature & Follow Friday!
Have urself a great weekend!!

Follow my new Tour Blog below :)

"Literary Quill Promotions"

siriusyareader said...

I totally agree with you about the Dark Wizards thing. By the wway I am in love with Taylor Swift! I love the music video for mean :P
new GFC follower:

by Elemillia Ucselub said...

Love your blog. New GFC follower :) Follow back!

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