Monday, January 14, 2013

Review: Touched by an Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt #1)

Author: Gini Koch
Publisher: DAW Books
Release Date: April 06, 2010
Page Count: 389
Source: The Library
Format: Paperback
Read Between: December 25 - December 30, 2012
Buy It: Amazon / B&N / The Book Depository

It was just another day in Arizona
and then the monster showed up....

Marketing manager Katherine "Kitty" Katt had just finished a day on jury duty. When she stepped out of the Pueblo Caliente courthouse, all she was thinking about was the work she had to get caught up on. Then her attention was caught by a fight between a couple - a domestic dispute that looked like it was about to turn ugly. But ugly didn't even begin to cover it when the "man" suddenly transformed into a huge, winged monster right out of a grade Z science fiction movie and went on a deadly killing spree. In hindsight, Kitty realized she probably should have panicked and run screaming the way everyone around her was doing. Instead she got mad, searched her purse for a weapon, and, armed with a Mont Blanc pen, sprinted into action to take down the alien.

In the middle of all the screeching and the ensuing chaos, a tall handsome hunk of a guy in an Armani suit suddenly appeared beside her, examined the body, introduced himself as Jeff Martini with "the agency," called out to an Armani-clad colleague to perform crowd control, and then insisted on leading her to a nearby limo to talk to his "boss."

And that was how Kitty's new life among the aliens began....

Opening Sentence: My first superbeing was an accident.


Warning: This is an adult paranormal book

Oh My Gosh... How I enjoyed this book. It was action filled from beginning to end and I never knew what was coming next. The first few pages in the book was slightly confusing, I didn't understand exactly what was going on... but once I got the hang of the flow of the book, I couldn't put it down.

Kitty was a thoroughly enjoyable character to read about. She has one of the best senses of humor that I have found in book, ever. And best of all is that she didn't take a back seat to any of the "ultra hunky" guys around her. She took charge right from the get go and didn't run in the opposite direction freaking out, like you would find in a lot of other books. When it's discovered that she is surrounded by aliens, she takes it in stride and goes with the flow. She has a sharp wit and mind, was able to come up with things that the aliens (who had been fighting their nemesis for generations) couldn't even figure out. Not only was she talking the talk, but she could put the swag in her walk as well. She was kick-ass and was never afraid to take on the big scary aliens, and beat their butties.

Jeff Martini... what can I even say about him, but... where can I find a guy like that for myself. He has definitely become my latest book boyfriend. He connected with Kitty on so many different levels and not only because he had the ability to read emotions. They made a great team together and trusted each other, not running games around each other. And the chemistry, it was off the charts and they didn't play games with that either. They liked each other and they took a leap and went with it, regardless of what others might think.

I must say though, one thing that I found really annoying with the story was Kitty's mother actually. Her mother was kick-ass and strong as well (I mean both her parents were) and they were both hiding a big family secret from Kitty. But, I don't know, her mother annoyed me. She was over bearing, over-powering and at time boorish. She tried to push Christopher off on Kitty way to hard and wouldn't let her just make up her mind on her own. It pissed me off more then the "bad" guys in the book did. It found it pretty amusing that Kitty's dad's name was Sol Katt.

I enjoyed this book. It kept me up late into the night reading and laughing. It was a completely different take on Heaven, Hell and Alien's. I can't wait to start reading Alien Tango and see where this series goes next. But mostly I can't wait to get another fill of Kitty and Jeff. I definitely give this series two thumbs up. Loved it.


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